Eduardo Mari Photography
The Platinum Print is a handmade photographic print in noble metals, platinum and palladium.
Because platinum and palladium are chemically inert this is one of the most permanent photographic processes available. Platinum prints are known to last for centuries.

These images are printed on fine acid free watercolor paper. The light sensitive emulsion is hand coated for each print. The image is printed using a contact negative exposed to strong ultraviolet light.

Hand coated photographic prints on fine paper using platinum and palladium are capable of a degree of tonal subtlety that is unattainable with other photographic processes. The tonality and texture can not be reproduced on a computer monitor.

Platinum and palladium images consist of finely divided metal particles resting in the paper fibers rather than floating on the surface. This fusion of paper and image gives these prints their richness.

Eduardo Mari Photography